Saturday, December 25, 2010

Slow down! take a look around u..

Pasangan merupakan KAWAN atau SAHABAT kite yg palingggggg akrab dan setia. Tak kira waktu la..time ngah happy ke, ngah sedey ke, pasangan kite pasti akan sentiasa berada di sisi.. Betul x betul x? Betul kn kn.. =)

It doesn’t matter whether she’s ur girlfriend, girl u’re after, or ur wife.. 
Here are some great things that u can do for ur girlfriend or wife to make a she’s happier..
And u can do for ur boyfriend or hubby alsoOoo.. mana leh pakai ambik, mana yg xleh just duduk diam2!! ngrrrr~ 

  1. Be true to her. The truth might hurt, but when she finds out you’re lying, it’s worse.
  2. Love what/who she loves. How can her little puppy at home be irritating?
  3. Spend quality time with her! She wants your full attention.
  4. If you’re really that busy, give her a call when you can.
  5. If you’re not even free to make a call, or cannot call during working hours, a text message warms her heart as well.
  6. Hold her hands in public. Be proud of her!
  7. Hug her! Hugs are stronger than kisses.
  8. Kiss her more, of course.
  9. Don’t sweet talk. Say nice things to her but make sure they’re always true!
  10. Respect her.
  11. Listen to her. Spend some time everyday listening to what she has got to say!
  12. Gifts! It doesn’t have to be any special day. Neither has it gotta be expensive.
    • Flowers - they love it.
    • Soft toys – if she’s not allergic, why not?
  13. Get to know her friends. Especially the people she mix around.
  14. Remember the anniversaries. Men often time forget these dates. It’s time you have an organiser to remember them.
  15. Care for her. Who doesn’t need some care?
  16. Tell her you love her. Simple 3 words “I love you” isn’t so hard to say, right?
  17. Send her a text and say good morning. She’ll feel good to see her boyfriend’s text early in the morning. It might wake her up, but she’ll still smile.
  18. Buy her favorite food. Not hard right? How about dining at her favorite restaurant?
  19. Drop some vocabulary – such as ‘old’, ‘fat’, ‘ugly’. If you love her, these few words shouldn’t exist in your dictionary.
  20. Praise her. Be it a great job done, nice make up or a nice dress she wore, she’ll be happy.
  21. Compromise! She loves it but you’re not having pasta every day, are you?
  22. Let her feel loved (on bed). She needs good sex as much as you do. Do I still need to elaborate?
  23. Sing her a song. Just a verse would be good.
  24. Share a joke with her. Laughing is the best medicine. 
  25. Be romantic. The beach and the stars? The park and the bench?
  26. Don’t mention your ex-girlfriends. She hates it.
  27. Don’t compare her with other girls. I know Jamie was good at this but every girl is different. Accept it. Move on.
  28. Surprise her. Who doesn’t like surprises?
  29. Massage her. She’ll feel you care.
  30. Don’t quarrel over anything. Discuss about it. Problems can be solved with discussion.

Dato’ Dr Hj Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah, ujarnya; “Jika mahu diri disayangi, beri kasih sayang kepada orang dahulu”. Maksud lain yang dapat penulis simpulkan di sini ialah, jika kita mahu dihargai pasangan, maka kita harus memberikan yang terbaik kepada mereka barulah kita akan mendapat kebaikan yang sama juga.

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