Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A new hope of beauty..


Every one desires for healthy glowing skin so we all excited to seek best skin care products but finding the right skin care product for your vibrant skin is not very easy. When you are choosing skin care product to get fair and glowing skin you have to think many things like your skin texture, color of your skin and purpose of using the product.
Every time when you feel need of skin care product you go to the market and most of the time brings the one product that is very popular in advertisements as well as costly but if you are applying any of these criteria to find right skin care product then it’s very tough to find the best product for your skin sometimes use of harmful products may damage your skin cells but here are some effective tips to get vibrant, smooth and glowing skin.
Get ready to buy best skin care product right for your skin firstly know your skin type and choose products carefully. Some essential skin care constituents that are very important for your healthy glowing skin are collagen and elastin both are source of protein best for your skin. Make one thing its not sure that costly cosmetics always best so choose skin care products carefully.
For me..
Product EPI DERMA FORMULATION ni dah pakai tapi entah la rasa sama je, huhu..
Almost 1 years guna product ni tapi....................



I think i should try kn.. :D







I have really dry skin. Dengan bintik-bintik hitam, kasarnya..huhu.. These are the problems that i'm facing. Nanti nak kawen,huhu.. I always wanted a perfect complexion. And as a women or wife (insyaAllah) i need to really take good care of my skin.

SoOo beautiful!! Natural je..
Xmo la cantik sebab make-up je..huhu..

Any comments?
Please advise meeeee! xoxo


cik k♥dah said...

go for SK 2 k.sya!!!;b

Shaziera Bakri said...

yeker? adah pkai SK 2 ke?
risau la..xtau!

Mimie Mans said...

muka sha dah comey sgt...sooo natural beauty..tak pkai pun dh cun beb...hehe
tp, if nk guna jugak...akak rasa SK2 kot...if turn out tak cantik jgn slhkan akak ek...hehehe...sbb akk pun tak pnh guna...ada kwn guna...gebu je muka dia...