Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today is my birthday!!

Today is my birthday!!
I was born on October 11, 1986..
*Alamak, sudah remaja dewasa la gamaknya ae..hehehe..*
I wanted to share this day with Ols of YOU!
YES! It's true, i'm only 25..hehe..
*Muda lagi..baru nk beranak satu, insyaAllah mudah2an selamat..*

And kepada sesiapa2 yang birthday on October tu, happy birthday to u too ok!!
I wish u happy and cheerful life ahead. Happy Birthday! Live every moment, today and always..

So semalam my hubby balik dengan tangan yang penuh, hehe..
Thanx baby, thanx untuk cake yang yummy yummy ni..
And KFC too..
I know yesterday u r so busy, tapi still nak celebrate my birthday kn, terharuuuu sangat :')
Terima kasih sayang..
Suka sangat! 

So dapat la kita celebrate sama2 kn, with family..
Thanx u so much to my family and hubby too..
This is my lil' birthday party! 

♥ My Hubby!

'' Sayang, Happy 25th Birthday to my l♥vely wife ♥ ♥..
I wish for your happiness & lovely life..
May our marriage blessed with love, healthiness, happiness & full of prosperities..
TQ for being the best wife..
I love u so much..''  - my hubby [shahrul faiz] 

Thanx you baby, thanx you for everything..
I am so lucky, so thankful and so happy to have u in my life..
You are the most important part of my life baby..
And i love you very very much sweetheart..


Mila Ahmad said...

so sweet ^____^

naziyatul fatihah said...

so sweet both of u...

heppy buff-day :)

nurZAKIA said...

happy birthday shaziera :)

luna iwan said...

akak sweet sgt..cantik laa..suke..;)

Shaziera Bakri said...

thanx for Ols!! :) nak hadiahhhhh bleh x? hihi..