Thursday, February 17, 2011

Romantic or Not?

Smart? DONE! Cute? DONE! Curious? DONE! Playful? DONE!


Are u romantic?
Hurmm.. eerr.. mmm..


Being romantic is hard work. Some people think that romance is easy, that anybody can be romantic with very little work.

This is not true. To be romantic there are a lot of things you must know about romance and a lot of situation you must prepare. 

For example, you an your beloved plan a date for next Friday night. You ask where she'd like to go. 
''Oh, I dont't know,'' is her reply. "Surprise me. I know you'll think of something special.'' 
What do you do? Give up? 

Although it's not so much a definition, as it is no more precise than the word "romance" itself, one way to describe romance succinctly is "what women want out of a relationship." 

In other words, men aren't romantic, and if you're a man, that's why you need this guide. 
If you're a woman, of course, you were born with an innate knowledge of this stuff and need not read further.

Learn them from your heart..

All the best my all..
Enjoy your day with love..



sicKo^ said...

Dulu, masa aku muda, tetiap kali dating aku bagi bunga.. skrang dah tua2 nih.. ilang dah sifat romantik aku.. sepastik ada lar..

"..butterfly.." said...

huhu..agree with sicKo^
bukan huby yg xnk bg bunga, tp i yg tamo..ohh rase sgt membazir...oh ohhh ;p